Railway, Mining and Industrial Specialists

Procurement Services

  • We can assist with almost any railway or mining equipment requirement, from the smallest screw to a fleet of rolling stock
  • We have successfully competed in many government funded and privately run tender processes around the world
  • We work closely with a network of specialist manufacturers and suppliers
  • We can arrange for stock to be held for call off deliveries as required

Export Logistics

Shipping large scale equipment or hazardous goods from one foreign country to another can require a lot of documentation, permissions and certifications

  • We can take care of the, sometimes complex, co- ordination required in this process and make importing your goods easy for you
  • Our experience and access to experts can be invaluable in making sure your goods arrive in perfect condition and in the fastest most cost efficient manner
  • We can arrange for stock to be held for call off deliveries as required

Project Management

  • We can provide a project manager to join your organisation and integrate with your team on the ground
  • We can provide project management services where we virtually co-ordinate teams in different entities
  • We can project manage the manufacturing process of your equipment and ensure your requirements are met in terms of specifications but also at implementation and during training
  • Project Management and Engineering services are available in the fields of Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and Chemical Engineering

Agencies & Distribution

We are representing a number of manufacturers in some of the territories we are most active in

  • Ekato
    Ekato, who specialise in agitation and mixing technology
    Territory: Ghana and Tanzania
  • Reschke Rus
    Reschke, who specialise in excavator and wheel loader attachments and tools as well as associated hydraulic equipment
    Territory: Ghana
  • Galison
    Galison Manufacturing, who specialise in rolling stock and mining equipment
    Territory: Ghana
  • Engine Carbon Clean
    H2GoGo Engine Carbon Clean, who specialise in engine cleaning
    Territory: Africa
    MTCSS, who specialise in modular cold room storage
    Territory: West Africa


  • We can put teams together to generate feasibility studies, so you know in advance what investment is required to meet your operational goals
  • We have co-ordinated design and manufacturing processes to ensure you get a tailor made solution for your application
  • We can provide services in the field of
    • Railway and Mining Equipment and Operation
    • Waste Processing and Water Purification and Beneficiation
    • Exploration Geophysics and Engineering Geophysics

Holdtrade Energy

The Power, Energy and Fuels division of Holdtrade (UK) Ltd, supplying efficient solutions for electric power, mechanical power, sensible heat and low carbon fuels.

The total service solution includes:

  • Engineering Analysis
  • Supply of Bio and Low Carbon Fuels
  • Supply Logistics, Ocean Freight, Fuel Haulage, Handling and Storage of Fuels
  • Intermodal Transport Equipment for Fuels
  • Project Shipping, Management of Cargo Movements, Clearing, Forwarding and Fiscal Representation
  • Supply and Servicing of Reciprocating Engine Electric Gensets and Mini Power Stations
  • Fuels Application Engineering and Support
  • Heating, HVAC and CHP Systems
  • Filtering and Conditioning Systems for Engine Fuel and Lube Oil
  • Supply of Small and Large Bore Pipes, Fittings, Valves, Pumps and Pump Stations

About Us

Our services are focused on industrial, railway and mining applications and our teams have a combined number of years of experience that is significant.

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