Locomotives supplied by HOLDTRADE

Through international partnerships with specialist locomotive manufacturers such as Clayton we are able to offer a full range of locomotive types and sizes, both new and second hand.

Our salesmen have years of experience on-site and can advise you of the locomotives that best suit your needs, taking many factors into consideration such as power source and duty. Further more we can provide both complete locomotive packages and spare parts for future maintenance.

Below are some examples of locomotives we offer. If you would like a quotation please use our Quotation Request Form or Call Us and we will do our best to offer good advice and practical solutions.

Examples of locomotive types we can provide include:
  • Mining locomotives
  • Diesel locomotives
  • Electric / Trolley locomotives
  • Battery locomotives
  • Steam locomotives
  • Second hand / overhauled locomotives
  • Personnel carriers
Locomotives supplied by HOLDTRADE

We are also able to supply locomotive spares, including:
  • Traction motors
  • Steel wheels and tyres / tires
  • Alternator brushes
  • Brake valves
  • Starter motors