Rolling Stock for Industrial and Mining Applications

Photographs of rolling stock

Holdtrade, in association with its manufacturing partners, offers a full range of rolling stock for narrow gauge and industrial railways including diesel, battery and electric locomotives and a vast range of wagons to suit most applications. This includes the Hudson (UK) range of industrial, mine and plantation vehicles such as tray cars, Granby cars, DSTs and sugar cane cars.

We have supplied rolling stock and spares to many parts of the world for use with industrial and narrow gauge heavy haul mainline railways as well as many mining applications for use in iron ore, bauxite, manganese, gold, copper and coal mines amongst others.

Our locomotives and wagons can be designed and manufactured to meet the specific requirements for your particular projects. We can supply complete rolling stock packages from full rakes down to individual one off wagons, and a complete range of spare parts including  wheels, axles, couplers etc. These can range from large capacity heavy haul wagons down to small mine cars including the popular Granby type cars.

Should you also require complete track or spare track parts our sister company and stockist GB-Rail can supply materials and accessories on demand.

 If you would like a quotation please use our Quotation Request Form or Call Us and we will do our best to offer good advice and practical solutions.