Mineral Jigs

Photograph courtesy of FLSmidth
An FLSmidth WEMCO Remer Jig
HOLDTRADE works with FLSmidth to provide customers with advanced jigs such as the Wemco Remer Jig by Dorr-Oliver Eimco which provides sharper separations at larger tonnages than previously possible.

If you would like to contact us about Mineral Jigs please Call Us at our Mining and Operations office and we will do our best to offer good advice and practical solutions.

Mining jigs are used to concentrate minerals (for example coal or ore) from waste material after they have been excavated from the ground. This is done through cleaning and separating the crushed ore through agitation in water.

Although initially a very traditional method of separation and  particularly popular in south Asia, South America, and Africa, modern jigs come in different components: concentrators and separators.


  • To recover finished concentrate from ores in which the mineral grains are liberated. Recovery of minerals of various kinds that occur in Placer / Alluvial deposits, or decomposed rocks.
  • Recovery of minerals from primary/ hard rock ore, which can be liberated by crushing/ grinding process, i.e. (Diamonds, Colour Gemstones, Barite, Gold & other precious metals, base metals, ferrous metals, light metals, coal) and heavy minerals of all kind.
  • Cobbling operation, to discard waste rock before final processing of the crude concentrate.

How Jigs Work

Jigs have an outstanding history of long and consistent performance of proven high yield of Diamonds, Color Gemstone, Gold, Base Metals, Heavy Metals & other Heavy Minerals recovery, with minimal loss, maintaining maximum profitability in the ore concentrating process. A small box, either circular or square, about 5-in. high with a screen bottom is used. The ore being treated is put on the screen, and the miner gives the box several quick immersions in water. The box is then quickly flipped upside down on a clear place on the ground. What is then the top of the small heap of material is examined for the diamonds or semi-precious stones.