Mill Lining

Photograph of Holdtrade working on mill lining

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When it comes to increasing the financial performance of a mine we've learnt that the key is optimal design. With over 25 years experience we've found many mines are pressures to increase productivity without considerable investment. One way to achieve this goal is to install optimally designed mill linings. It is also important to protect mill housings as you build them to improve safety and ensure efficiency in your processing operations. In the long term you should consider that lining will help to to reduce maintenance costs, enhance mill alignment, and dampen mill vibration.

There is no short-cut to optimal lining design, partly because no one has ever been able to describe the movement of the charge in mathematical terms also because very few people know anything about the details of what happens inside a grinding mill. Combined with the fact that each mill is operated under conditions that are virtually unique leads to complicated recommendations.

Hi-Chrome and Cro-Mo (Chrome Moly)

These special material linings have proved to be highly cost effective in terms of efficient grinding and wear.


High quality control foundaries manufacture the manganese linings that HOLDTRADE supplies to the mining industry.