Motors and Power Units

Photograph of STP SAG Motor Component from Alstom, France
HOLDTRADE can supply custom designed motors and power units with variable speed drives for industrial mining. We have experience with:
  • Motors
  • Gear Boxes
  • Speed Reducers
  • Motor Starters
  • Diesel Generators
Although mining motors may appear to be the least complicated component in the specification of mining equipment, the diversity of mining applications means a wide matrix of application criteria needs to be covered to properly specify, design and build motors.

At HOLDTRADE we understand that mining operating conditions are very specific and motors have to fulfil a high demand. This is why we work with a range of renowned manufacturers to ensure that our clients get the right solution for the job.

The first requisites of a mining motor are lightness, strength, and durability due to the harsh and dirty underground environment it operates in. Mining motors must have these qualities above motors used for stationary work.

To ensure HOLDTRADE obtains the correct motor for the specific job we ensure communication, expectations and knowledge are exchanged between the mine operator, driven equipment manufacturer and HOLDTRADE.

Please contact our office to talk about:
  1. Your operating conditions: These will determine the motor nameplate horsepower, RPM and whether you will require any special equipment. We can then establish the most effective power source available at your site.

  2. Designing specifications: Such as motor enclosure and temperature mechanisms (which are determined by your mining environment).

  3. Our recommendations and next steps.