Material Handling

Stockpile Reclaim Feeder and High Capacity Stockpile Reclaim Feeder

Photographs courtesy of FLSmidth

HOLDTRADE works with FLSmidth Buffalo and other large manufacturers to advise and design for our clients. The manufacturers we work with produce a range of reclaim flight-bar chain mining feeders.
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Using Feeders is an efficient, cost effective method of reclaiming stockpiles and feeding material. Reclaim feeders are custom designed and built to suit individual site conditions and requirements.

In coal stock yards high capacities of coal must be fed onto a conveyor belt.
Reclaim or Dozer-Trap Feeders are used primarily to assist in stock pile reclaim facilities at coal mines or in coal yards at power stations.
They are designed to accept run-of-mine material pushed from a dozer at irregular intervals and they are also
used for the clearing of tip hoppers.

When Should You Use a Reclaim Feeder?

Reclaim feeders are ideal solutions for the following:
  • A low cost and fast-construction solution for enhancing the speed of coal handling facilities.
  • A way of increasing efficiency without the need to build new infrastructure, which is a considerable cost in terms of both money and time.

How Reclaim Feeders Eliminate costly civil work and site preparation:

  • In-ground hoppers, grids, tunnels and underground belt systems are no longer needed.
  • Reclaim Feeders require only solid, level ground conditions for installation.
  • Material forms its own surge hopper, eliminating expensive fabricated upper hoppers and structures.


HOLDTRADE can also provide Tipplers. A Tippler (or Rotary Car Dumper) is an open vehicle with no doors or roof which are unloaded by being inverted. For more information please send us a quotation enquiry, or if you would like to speak in more detail please contact our mining department.