Ghana Railway Project

Photographs of Holdtrade employees working on tracks in Ghana, Africa


Photograph of rail tracks before Holdtrade intervention

In 1998 HOLDTRADE was approached by one of our major clients, Ghana Manganese, to undertake a track inspection, rehabilitation and maintenance contract, tasked with reducing incidence of derailments, improving existing track standards, and training and utilising an artesan labour force.

This was to be undertaken without interupting the existing rail traffic. The overall aim of the project was to increase the output of the mines exports, which had stagnated due to the inefficiency of the existing track system. Derailment incidents had frequently caused line blockage and resulted in unnacceptable demurrage costs when ships were in port awaiting loading. The existing Ghana Railway Corporation was starved of investment funding, and the necessary skills, equipment and material to stem the problems.

Within 1 month Holdtrade mobilised a team and embarked on a pre agreed programme to solve the problems. The results have been dramatic and from a commencement date in 1998 and with an output of 350,000 Tonnes, the Ghana Manganese mine at Nsuta is now producing and exporting in excess of 1.8 million Tonnes and looking forward to increasing this in the coming years. This is thanks in no small part to the significant input from Holdtrade UK Ltd in removing the ceiling imposed by the logistical barrier of inefficient rail transport.


Two photographs. One showing Holdtrade Engineers performing track maintenance. The other shows the track after maintenance has been completed.